Hi Friend,

Everyday, moms just like you are making the brave choice to start homeschooling.
I’m so inspired by all you mommas out there who are committing to homeschooling for the sake of your kids. You see all the problems of the government school model and you are doing something about it. It takes guts, sacrifice, and intentionality. 

Your kids deserve better!

Although sometimes challenging, homeschooling can radically change the life of your kids and family. Many parents watch as that precious light in their children gets snuffed out by a broken government education system. What a tragedy! So when I hear the stories of parents who take action and bring their kids back home, I LOVE telling their stories…

Katie’s story
My good friend Katie and I went to college together; she was also my bridesmaid. We both went into classroom teaching around the same time, and she started having her kids before me. She made the choice to send her kids to public school- after all, she was a public school teacher herself.

As the years rolled by, she started noticing the habits and attitudes her kids were developing- ones they certainly weren’t learning at home. She began to feel like she was loosing them. It was then that she gave me a call.

Katie lamented, “I’m so sick of public school, but my kids are in 7th and 9th grade. What do I do?”

At first she thought it was too late. But as we talked, she soon realized it absolutely was not a lost cause. We proceeded to talk all about homeschooling and made a plan to pull them. I walked her through all the legal requirements, mapped out what her dream homeschool day would look like, and we identified the curriculum that fit her kiddos just right.

I thought, if this girl pulls this off, she’s going to be my hero… And, she did!

So many parents think that by the time their kids reach junior high and high school it’s too late to start homeschooling. Especially when they’ve been in public school all along. But, that’s just not true. You can homeschool at any grade and do it way better than government school. 

Although, that does not mean it’s not without struggle at times. The first weeks after beginning homeschool, her boys fought her. They even expressed wanting to go back to government school months after Katie pulled them out. But rather than put them back into ‘the system’, she adjusted their program to suit them better. And things kept getting better.

In my favorite part of the conversation, Katie noted,

“After the switch from public school to homeschooling, the biggest change is that the boys are thankful. And even though they are older boys, I get so many more hugs and connection moments.”

She attributes this primarily to the time they now have. It was the 7-hour school day + drive time + sports + extracurriculars + clubs + youth group that left them dizzied, spent and without time for family. She is so thankful for the newfound ‘margin’ she has to spend with her kids before they leave the house. Not to mention, the renewed relationship.

I loved helping her, I’d love to help you too.

Taking the Start Homeschooling with Confidence course is the easiest way to get my help. You and I walk side by side to build a rock solid foundation for your homeschool to be successful. Don’t you want what Katie is now having with her kids? I know I do! Only homeschooling can give such an opportunity.

Take a look at the ‘Start Homeschooling with Confidence’ course if you haven’t already. If you have and are considering- there is no better time to pull your kid and set them up to thrive in homeschool than today!

Let’s do this 
homeschool journey together,