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Hi There!

Your courage to pursue homeschooling is inspiring- not only to me, but to many others still ‘on the fence’. You’ve begun to take the right steps toward homeschooling. You’ve explored the Guide to Starting Your Homeschool (isn’t it packed with such a wealth of helpful tips and information?) You’ve thought about what it would be like to homeschool. You’ve talked about it with family and friends. But there is likely still the lingering doubt- can I actually do homeschooling?!

Be encouraged. Do you realize you are about to join a significant new movement in the history of our country? In the past 2 years, the number of homeschoolers has tripled!!! The movement is in full force! If you’ve come this far you are obviously seriously considering homeschooling and we are so glad you are- for the sake of your kids and family. We can’t think of a better educational choice! And yes, you can do it too!

Did you know…87% of peer-reviewed studies on social, emotional, and psychological development show homeschool students perform statistically significantly better than those in conventional schools*. The stats indisputably proclaim the manifold benefits of homeschool. This is awesome, but still, you might be thinking- how can I actually do homeschooling?

I will show you how to homeschool. My 20 year history in public and private education, which was largely spent supporting ‘the system’, has taught me invaluable lessons that I want to pass on to you. I’ve seen it all in the education continuum, and I want you to learn from my experience and my mistakes. So, let’s set you up to be a thriving homeschool family!

A course built just for you. We’ve created the most comprehensive course on how to homeschool available today. Our Course: Start Homeschooling with Confidence offers step-by-step help on how to start homeschooling that is second to none. It answers most every question a new homeschooling family might have. In it, you will discover the answers to the most essential homeschooling questions.

So you can start homeschooling with confidence. When you take the course, you will know your family’s homeschooling philosophy, family culture, and students’ learning styles, in order to guide educational decisions and curriculum choices. It helps you avoid needless stumbling or even failure, and launch your homeschool from a solid foundation. I’ve said this before, but it truly is the course I wish I had when I started homeschooling.

The course pays for itself. Every homeschool mom I know has a similar story:
…”We wasted so much time trying this”…
…”We wasted so much money buying
these curriculums”…
…”My kids were so frustrated until we finally found the right
We take you from step A to step Z and bypass the heartache of
trial and error, the stress of feeling ‘lost’, and curriculum selection snafus. You’ll know exactly what you need, before you start homeschooling and before you start spending money on curriculum.

You are not alone, we do it together! The best part for me is the opportunity to really help moms as we work together to build your homeschool.

So, what are you waiting for? 🙂 Let’s do this!

See you soon,