Hi Friend,

If you want to start homeschooling but still have some fears or questions, I’ve got the answers that will help your family confidently take the leap!

Our course was built just for you: Start Homeschooling with Confidence.

We are confident a more complete and empowering course on homeschooling does not exist. It is meant to comprehensively prepare you to have satisfying ‘mic-drop’ answers for why you are homeschooling. Not only for the naysayers, but also to give you the confidence and strength for the inevitable challenging days that we all have. In the end, not only will you will feel secure in your decision to homeschool, but your family will be set up to thrive.

We are still offering a significant discount on the course as we near the end of the pre-registration phase. Filming is completed and the course currently in the editor’s hands.  This means the course will be here sooner than later!  It also means the pre-registration discounts are going away once the course goes live. So if you think the course would benefit you, jump on the savings and pre-register!

The completed portions of the course we’ve seen are looking amazingly helpful, and we are continuing to add components even now to make it even more valuable for you. 

We want you to be equipped and avoid “failure to launch”, so it’s vital that you properly prepare and think through your homeschool journey the right way.  The Course: Start Homeschooling with Confidence helps you answer the most important questions you need to know to set your homeschool up for success. After taking this course you will:

Know What Curriculum to Buy
*Save thousands not buying curriculum that won’t work*
*Save a lot of pain and anguish*
*Save tons of time*

Discover Your Homeschool Style

Have a Realistic Plan to Homeschool Your Kids

Have an Answer for the Critics

Gain the Confidence to Homeschool

Guys, this is the course I wish I had when I started. I’m thrilled to be able to offer it to you- this is real help!  I teach the course and we do all the work together.  Watch the video below, read the info page and get all the details. Our goal was to make sure the course pays for itself, and it does!  Check it out:

Can’t wait to continue this journey with you!


P.S. The big pre-registration discounts will go away soon. So, please take advantage of the savings now!