Have you seen the stats?

If you’ve been following my socials or even just watching the news, it’s no surprise to you that the government school model is failing our kids at a frightening pace- both academically and emotionally. In fact:

  • Just 37 percent of high school seniors from public and private schools are prepared for college-level math and reading.*
  • And heartbreakingly, more than 1 in 3 high school students experience persistent feelings of sadness or hopelessness.**

This is where I ask you…isn’t it time to take the plunge and pull your kids?! I’ll share some rather shocking benefits of homeschooling in a minute, but first, know this…

You are not alone in making the important decision to homeschool- the number of homeschoolers tripled in the past year. But more practically, I am here for you! Our Start Homeschooling with Confidence course helps you literally every step of the way towards starting your homeschool. You and I do it all together.

If you really do want to start homeschooling, (and I’m guessing you do because you are actively following me), then taking our course is the natural next step.

Remember, not only will it help free your kids from government school (and all that goes along with that), but it will also give you the momentum you desperately need to take back your kids and have the family life you’ve always wanted.

Freeing your kids from the low expectations of government school, gaining ‘margin’ by eliminating a 7-hour school day, leaving overscheduling behind, having the time to just “be” together, removing them from the toxic school environment, and restoring your relationship with your kids are just some of the benefits of homeschooling. You truly can shape what your family looks like!

Please sign up for the course today– don’t let your kids spend another minute in government school system.

I will help you bring your kids home!